**Please allow approximately two weeks shipping time for print orders



Commission work and original works over $200 in value will be required to be insured while sent through the postal service at the expense of the buyer. The buyer agrees to reimburse the artist for insurance on their package. This protects both the artist and the buyer in the event the package is damaged, lost, or stolen. 


If requested by the buyer, the artist will provide a black-and-white digital sketch of the potential  layout for the art piece based on special imagery requests.

Use of color may be specially requested by the buyer; however, the artist retains creative freedom in color incorporation. 

Generally, commissions are completed within two weeks or less. The artist will contact the buyer if it is expected to take longer. 


The buyer does not have permission to reproduce any work purchased from the artist unless specifically agreed upon by both parties in writing. Doing so will lead to legal action against the buyer. 

The artist retains all rights to reproduce, sell, and/or distribute prints of original works commissioned by the buyer.

Images may be leased by the buyer for a specified period for selling and/or reproducing for non-profit and for-profit purposes at a price agreed upon by both the artist and the buyer in writing. 

Images may be reproduced or redistributed by a storefront for a profit with royalties being paid to the artist with an agreement by both parties in writing. 


Original artwork will be sold unframed unless otherwise agreed upon by both the buyer and the artist in writing. 

Original artwork will come with a bill of sale and be stamped with authenticity by the artist. Original artwork will include a free 8.5 x 11" signed art print of the buyer's choice. 

Original artwork will be signed and dated with the year of creation by the artist. 

Only original paintings will have the option for local pickup. Please contact the artist to arrange for a pickup.


Prints will come signed by the artist with the current year, not the year of creation. 

If a print arrives to the customer in a damaged state, the artist will replace the product with proof from the customer. A photo of the damaged product will suffice as proof.